H E Todd book list

We hope to be able to prepare the text of many of the books and stories in an online form. Meanwhile, here is a list of most of the books and the stories they contained below.

Our thanks to David Schutte for helping us compile this list. Also, some details taken from Bookfinder (http://www.bookfinder.com/author/h-e-todd/), who have one of the most complete lists of available copies.  We have tried to be accurate about the dates and ASIN/ISBN numbers; I think the orignal dates for each book are correct but am less certain about other details.

List of Books and Stories

Here is a list of stories for most of the books that contained several stories. These were mostly published by Brockhampton Press, with illustrations by Lillian Buchanan.

Bobby Brewster and the Winker's Club (1950) Leicester, ASIN B002M61GXU; Edmund Ward ASIN B001JQZ7RA

Bobby Brewster (1954) Brockhampton Press, ISBN 0340031867, 978-0340031865; Hodder (1970) ISBN 0340031867/978-0340031865

Bobby Brewster Bus Conductor (1955) Brockhampton ASIN B001NN081O; ASIN B0000CJ7FS; ASIN B0018EKWAK; Hodder (1969) ISBN 0340031891/978-0340031896; (1979) ASIN B0015ZVG8E

Bobby Brewster's Shadow (1956) Brockhampton ASIN B001ORK2R4; ASIN B002M5FKGU; Hodder (1969) ISBN 0340031948/978-0340031940; Knight (1982) ISBN 0340280441/978-0340280447

Bobby Brewster's Bicycle (1957) Brockhampton ASIN B002NAF8VG; ASIN B0000CJS52; Hodder (1969) ISBN 0340031883/978-0340031889

Bobby Brewster's Camera (1959) Brockhampton, ASIN B0000CKALO; Hodder (1970), ISBN 0340031905/978-0340031902

Bobby Brewster's Wallpaper (1961) Brockhampton, ASIN B0000CL6HY; Hodder, ISBN 0340031956/978-0340031957; Knight (1980), ISBN 0340192739/978-0340192733

Bobby Brewster's Conker (1963) Brockhampton;  Hodder (1969), ISBN 0340031913/978-0340031919; Knight (1988) ISBN 0340231092/978-0340231098

Bobby Brewster Detective (1964) Hodder, ISBN 0340031921/978-0340031926; Knight (1980) ISBN 0340161930/978-0340161937

Bobby Brewster's Potato (1964) Hodder, ISBN 034003193X/978-0340031933; Knight (1985) ISBN 0340247150
/ 978-0340247150

Bobby Brewster's Ghost (1966) Hodder; (1970) ISBN 0340031875/978-0340031872; Kinght (1973) ISBN 0340172223

Bobby Brewster's Kite (1967) Hodder, ISBN 0340040424
/ 978-0340040423

Bobby Brewster's Scarecrow (1968) Hodder ISBN 0340031832/978-0340031834; Hodder (1976) ISBN 0340161027;  Knight, ISBN 0340161027

Bobby Brewster's Torch (1969) Hodder, ISBN 0340042176/978-0340042175; Knight (1972) ISBN 0340160551/978-0340160558

Bobby Brewster's Balloon Race (1970)

Bobby Brewster's First Magic (1970) Hodder, ISBN 0340134895/978-0340134894

Bobby Brewster's Typewriter (1971) Hodder ISBN 0340147679/978-0340147672 ; Knight (1980) ISBN 0340173599/978-0340173596

Bobby Brewster's Bee (1972)

Bobby Brewster's First Fun (1974) Knight Books; (1988) ISBN 0340182660/978-0340182666 Bobby Brewster's Wishbone (1974, also 1978-, third impression) Hodder, ISBN 0340179139, ISBN 0340214007 Bobby Brewster's Bookmark (1975) Hodder, ISBN 0340276746 Bobby Brewster's Tea-Leaves (1979) Hodder, ISBN 0340229977

Bobby Brewster Lamp Post (1982) Hodder, ISBN 0340274573

Bobby Brewster Hiccups (1985) Hodder, ISBN 0340360798

Bobby Brewster Old Van (1986) illustrated David Barnett, Hodder, ISBN 0340379022

Bobby Brewster and the Magic Handiman (1987)

Bobby Brewster Jigsaw Puzzle (1988) Hodder, ISBN 0340420871

Dial-a-Story Book (1981) Puffin, ISBN 014031332X

Picture Books and non Bobby Brewster books

H E Todd met Val Biro, author and illustrator of the Gumdrop books, at a storytelling session. They collaborated on several picture books, with stories by H E Todd and illustrated by Val Biro. Most of the stories had originally appeared in one of the books listed above.