H E (Bertie) Todd

Here are a few pictures of H E (Bertie) Todd, author of the Bobby Brewster books and others. Click on the images to see larger.

Bertie and siblings Marion and Will (?)

Bertie and siblings Will and Mike in Christ's Hostpital blazers


Wedding: H E Todd and Joyce Hughes (1933)


Wedding close up

Bertie, brother Mike and son Jonathan in the garden of the new house.

page from Radio Times (1948)

Bertie's children, Jonathan, Mark and Stephen (1949?)

Bertie, Joyce, Mark, Stephen and cousin Chas.

Opening: from Aylesbury Remembered

Christmas sleep (1957)

H E Todd enjoying reading a Wodehouse: one of his favourite authors (1980?)

H E Todd with youngest son Stephen and grandchildren Helen and Peter (1984?).